One of the things I do, on occasion, is grab my camera gear and take a drive around the many back country roads that are in/around my area. There are so many of them. So many that I can get lost on them, and really not sure where I am. A portion of the roads I’ve known from before, but there are also many that I’ve never been on. This is part of the fun of it. You can never really know what’s up around that next hill or bend in the road.

So, yesterday was one of those days. Driving the back road I happen to come up on a big field that had so many junk looking tractors that I just had to pull over and stop to see what’s there. It had my interest that here was a photographers dream with all these old tractors just sitting there.

The 1st thing I had to do was find the Land owner and ask him/her if I could walk around and shoot some of the many farm tractors that were there. I found the owner outside working on a tractor and asked permission. My wish was granted. He even showed me where the best/old ones were.

There were so many of them I had a hard time choosing which ones were the best for photography. There were many of the same name. International Harvester, John Deer, Massey Ferguson, & Ford.

Now this is the old Barn where I was told the tractors are repaired as best they can be. The place is a mess, as you can see.

I’m sorry that my Post is not quite right, but there is a reason. I had to start using this new format which I don’t like at all! Can’t seem to get used to it. Wish I could change back to what was before.

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Published by Les

I am 73 yrs. young and now retired. I worked in the Machinist Trade for 24 yrs. Served in the US Navy with a Tour of Duty in Vietnam. Being retired I do enjoy playing Golf, Photography with my Nikon and Pentax Camera's, snooping around in Historic and Abandoned places, using my Scroll Saw, Reading, Travel, and what-ever else will interest me at the time. Come with me and see where I go, where I have been, and my Life surviving Retirement.

19 thoughts on “TRACTORS OF THE PAST

    1. Yes that I did. Just happen to stumble upon that area. Never knew it was there! Now, I may go back up there and shoot some Images from a different perspective. Thanks for your comment.

  1. Your back roads travel has paid off! What a great find.
    Regarding the new format, I am also not a fan. I did find that one of the blocks available is the Classic block. Maybe you knew this, but if the first block after your title that you choose is the Classic Block, it works pretty much like the old editor. Your entire post can be done within the block, photos and all.

  2. I enjoyed your back road adventure, Les, and how exciting for you to come upon the world of old tractors. Great that you found the owner and he was cooperative. That’s a lovely old barn too. Wonderful photos.

  3. It’s always fun stumbling upon unique finds and venturing done roads unknown. I’m a sucker for barns but usually find it challenging to find a place to pull over and whip out the camera.

  4. I think your post is just fine, Les. As for those tractors, you boys and your toys. LOL I too love to travel on back county roads as an adventure just because I can and it is fun. I have a pretty good sense of direction so I don’t get lost. And no I don’t have a GPS. (smile)

    1. AmyRose – Around my area here, there are lots of back country roads to drive around on. Sometimes I had no idea where I will end up, but that’s sort of the fun of it. That Post was one of them.

  5. The tractors of the past where you are, are quite much the tractors of today where I live… of course there are more modern tractors too, but many tractors similar to these are still going strong here.
    How nice to take a drive along the backroads to take photos. Cheers!

    1. Thank you, Susanne for your comment. I appreciate that. The older tractors that I pictured were used by farmers around my area, but were probably traded in for something newer. Others were just plain junk, but used to parts by the land owner. Just what the Owner does with all those tractors, I really don’t know. I’ve read some of your Blog and find that where you are is somewhat different than here. Cork is a funny name for a town. However, we do have strange names for towns here. Just one of them is Intercourse down in Lancaster County. Blue Ball is another Amish town.

      1. I agree that Cork is a weird name for a town! The original name is Corcaigh, but most (if not all, need to study more about that) Irish times and villages were renamed to English sounding names during the British rule, and in many cases it seems they just took a name that sounded like or looked similar to the Irish name.

  6. As of 4:50 2/11/2021 none of your images are showing up. I even looked at your oldest post-same thing. Just wanted to let you know, take care of yourself Les.

    1. There is a reason for that Mike. I had run out of storage space for the many Posts I had made over the years. I had to delete a good portion of them to gain space. In the Spring I just may return there with a new Post. Thanks for your response.

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