This is Granants Church that has been here since the early 1800’s.  I have passed by this old Church many times in the past and always thought about Photographing it.  I finally did.  There are lot’s of old, old graves here.  I don’t know just how far back they go.  It does have a large … Continue reading GRANANTS CHURCH

I was “out there” yesterday snooping around the back country roads for something to capture.  This is about all I could come up with. After this snow storm we had a few day’s ago, the landscapes of farmland are slowly showing signs of Spring coming soon.  Winter is starting to loose it’s grip on the … Continue reading


Again, last year, while down at the Independence Park in Philadelphia, PA where allot of the History of our Country started, I went into one of the Museums that are available to walk around in and see for yourself actual Historical exhibits. Above, you are looking at the real Mahogany Desk, that Ben Franklin actually … Continue reading DESK


About 2 weeks ago, I went down to the Wildlife Refuge that is near here to see the awesome sight of all the Snow Geese that make this area one of their stop overs on their way North. Upon arriving here I could hear all the Geese talking and I was not even very close … Continue reading TAKING FLIGHT


While down in Philadelphia, PA last year I was just walking around looking for a Image, when I came across this poor fella sound asleep on a cement bench.  It looked to me like he’d had it.  Just plain wore out, so he grabbed the best thing around to catch a snooze. I know that … Continue reading ASLEEP