Not far from my home is this place named The Kerney. It get’s it’s name from the old Kernsville Dam that is located just about a quarter mile away. Many years ago, this was the site where excess coal dirt was dumped from dredging the river nearby. Excess coal dirt from the coal area up … Continue reading THE KERNEY

Welcome to Centraila

Centraila,  a Coal mining town that used to be here. Back in the 60’s, Centraila used to be a typical,  busy Coal mining town.  Streets were lined with residential homes,  bars,  businesses,  and people going about their business.  One day this all changed. Centraila has a main vein of Anthracite Coal running under the town.  … Continue reading Welcome to Centraila

Old RT61

One of the things I enjoy doing is getting “out there” with my camera’s and go snooping around in Historic Places,  abandoned areas,  and other places that might interest me.  I do this as often as I can.   Now,  that I’m retired,  I can do it more often than when I had to work for … Continue reading Old RT61