I had purchased this small Journal book a few weeks ago.  I came up with the idea of taking a Image of it opened with a pencil and glasses that I use.  Put it over into Lightroom CC and with a bit of getting it straight, I found I can write just about anything on it using the computer.

I must admit, I’m not much one for Poetry at all.  However, the poem written here has been in my memory ever since my Mother passed on back in Dec. 2004.  The poem was displayed at her viewing at the Funeral Home.  It was how she was until her last day’s.  Read it.  See what you think.



To most all of you, this looks like just a plain ole’ Country back road.  However, to me it has much more meaning.  This straight stretch of road was once used as a Drag Strip for us kids while I was in High School.  Drag Racing was a big thing back in the 60’s, with all kinds of different “Muscle Cars” out there, each one trying to be the best.  Cars such as the Dodge Charger, the Super Bee, the GTO, the Oldsmobile 442, and many more burned up the asphalt on back roads all over the USA.  Other times Drag Racing was held from one stop light to another to see who was the faster car.

Not here for us.  We used this ole’ road to race up and down, one car at a time because the road is not wide enough for 2 cars side by side.  We never did used the main roads, cause the Police were always watching.  Here, they never bothered us at all.  Just us teenagers racing the quarter mile to see who had the biggest engine.

After getting out of the US Navy in 68′ I bought a 68′ Dodge Charger with a 383cid engine, 440 heads, a posi-rear, 4 speed manual transmission, and solids.  This car could burn up the road.  I went thru 2 set’s of rear tires in the Summer of 69′ burning rubber from the “burn out’s” here.


This is looking back at the Finish Line where that Red Barn is.  The ole’ barn is still there after so many years have gone by.  Now, years later the road is still the same, but there is no racing here anymore that I know of.  Now, it truly is just a plain back country road.  I can look at these Images and see “Ghosts” of what used to be.  Now, they are gone.  The younger generation does not do what we used to.

Nikon D7000 with a 18-300mm Nikkor Lens.

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I apologize for the wires in the Image, again!  This is the old Adams & Bright Drug Store that has been here in Hamburg since 1938.  It has changed very little since then, and still has the orginial shelves, drug bottles, and medical items from that era on display.


I went inside the ole’ Drug Store to see if it has remained much the same as it was when I was just a youngster.  I hasn’t changed.  Still the same as it has been all these years.  This is the original Soda Fountain from long ago.  Ice cream was 10 cents, and a Cherry Coke was 15 cents back then.  Not now!  The counter is also still the same!  When I came in with the camera, 2 Ladies were sitting where you see the menu on the counter.  I had to wait until they left to shoot this Image.

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Yesterday, I went up to my ole’ hometown of Hamburg, PA to walk around a bit and look for some photography things to shoot.  I remembered my ole’ Elementary School which still stands after all these years have passed.  Now, it’s the Borough Hall of Hamburg.

I walked up those steps, that I have done many times when I was just a young boy, and took a trip back in time.  There are no more classrooms here, anymore.  Just walls and office space that were never there before.  The grass area to the right was once part of the macadam play area where marbles, and hopscotch were once played.  The tree is much younger than the one there before.  It was much bigger back then.

I walked those steps and remembered having my class picture taken at that exact spot when I was in 3rd or 4th Grade.  It’s also where I broke my front tooth and had to go thru a nightmare at the Dentist’s Office to have it repaired.  The Ghosts of children, such as I was, are long gone.  Only those who remember.

img001This is the only picture of me when I went to school here.  I don’t remember when it was taken.  I was such a cute little boy.  What happened?



About 2 day’s ago the weather was nice with temperatures up in the 50’s!  These kind of temp’s here during the Winter are rare.  So, with that in mind I went up to my ole’ High School to see if anything has changed.  On the outside, it’s still much the same as it has been since I was here back in the early 60’s.  The building on the extreme right of this Image was our Cafeteria, where I ate lunch during school hours.  The rest of the building was for classrooms.


This was our Stage and Gym.  This area has been neglected for many years, so I found out later on.  The Gym floor was buckled and in poor shape.  The stage was starting to look old and the whole area needed a up-date.  Well, there have been some things done here and it looks so much, much better.  The Gym floor has been sanded and varnished, the Stage has some new paint and so does the ceiling of the Gym.  Now, they play volleyball here twice a week.  When I was here, Gym class was held here and Saturday nite dances were all here long ago.


This is looking down the 1st floor hallway.  There have been lot’s of changes here from my day’s.  There is carpeting, new lighting, new ceiling, and new paint at places.  Of course, it’s air-conditioned now.  Something I never had.  I can look at this Image as see Ghosts in the hallway of what used to be.  It takes me back in time 50 yrs. ago when Life was much easier than it is now.  The Hallway on the right leads into what used to be the boy’s wood shop.  Now, it’s a Police Office.


Looking down the street at the school from the other end.  Here, again, I can see Ghosts of what used to be.  The sidewalk was full of us teenagers walking home or going to catch the school bus’s that would line up alongside the curb.  Nothing like that exists now anymore.  All of us that were educated here are now gone, and went on into the World that waited for us.  Me?  I left here and went on to join the US Navy to see the world like I always wanted to do.

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I’m aware that I have not Posted much of anything lately, but it’s Winter time here, and I don’t get out that much for something to Post.  I’m sure you understand.  About 2 day’s ago, the weather was not all that cold, so I decided to go back to my old school and see what it looks like on the inside.

Above is the old Oley High School that I was enrolled in starting with the 7th Grade, and ending in my 9th Grade because of moving from one school district to another.  It has not changed that much in all those years that have passed by.  It’s still much the same as it was when I was here.  The outside is still structure sound.  The bricks have kept their color for so long.  The door’s in the back were open, so I went inside.  There was a nice Lady there and I asked her if I could Tour the old building which I remember so well.  She told me that I’d have to have to be “Escorted” around the school!  Was not happy about this, but I agreed and waited.  Another Lady came in and said she would take me around the inside of the school.  With camera in hand, off we went.  While walking around and down these hallowed halls, I asked her if the Haunting’s of this school were true.  She told me “Yes, they are very true.”  “I know personally of this.”


This is a view looking down the front of the building where I used to enter for Classes back in the early 60’s.


This is the very front of the school.  The 2 doors on each end is where I entered.  The double doors in the front under the 3 windows lead right into the Gym.  The other windows are for Classrooms and Hallways.


I have been hearing from other people that I know, that this old school is haunted by 2 spirits from the past.  One of the Spirits is a Librarian who was killed in a plane crash back in the late 60’s, and the other Spirit is from the Janitor that seem’d never to leave here. Strange noises are heard here, footsteps in this hallway, and voices from no-ware are here.  The Lady told me that she personally was in the room down the hall on the right when she heard someone talking in the Hall.  Thinking someone was here, she stepped out and took a look.  No one here!


A view of the down-stairs hallway where lights turn off and on for no reason.  Their is no electric here.  Everything electric has been disconnected.


This is what used to be the Gym with the Stage in the background.  That’s not a cross at the top of the stage.  It’s the only original basketball hoop left over.  The Gym floor has been torn up, and those Red walls were never there in my time.  It has now become a storage area for old documents from long ago.  High School Dances were held here on a Saturday night, basketball games, and also served as the Cafeteria in my day.  Voices and footsteps are heard here many times.  No one here at the time.


This Image is one that I’m not sure of, but it’s what I was told.  My Escort told me that this room was totally empty 5 day’s ago. Nothing was in here!  She came down here 3 day’s ago, and found this sitting here!  She had never seen anything like this!  No one put this here that she knows of.  Who did this?

It was interesting for me to see my old school once more. In the near future the school will be torn down to make way for a nice Park of some sort, but the History of it will be remembered.  All those rumors I heard about were true!

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