Later in the morning, I went to my favorite place for some photo’s.  The Union Canal Towpath is to the left of the Image.  The problem here was I was “bit up” by misquotes!  The air was filled with the smell of perfume from the Lady walkers that went by me.  Their perfume predominated the air around me.  The smell was a bit strong.  This is probably why I got “bit up”.  Got a number of bites on me.  Next time, I will remember to wear some Bug Repellent.



For some reason, during the Winter months, this area seems to be void of wildlife.  I have never seen any deer here at all.  Why?  Maybe there is not the right kind of food for them here.  I don’t know.  You don’t even see any tracks in the snow to show they were here.  There are plenty of places to hide in the over growth and trees.  Maybe I just came here at a wrong time.  Since this is a “Propagation Area” there should be something.  In area’s such as this, you are not allowed to enter.  If caught you can be facing a $1000.00 fine!  Looks like someone on ski’s took that chance!  Not me!  It’s not worth it.



Still waiting for the warmth of Spring to arrive.


A walk down this road is one of my favorite places to go during all Seasons.  You never know what you’ll see.


Off to the left of this Image is the Farm that owns all this land.  They have a large open area for growing corn, and alfalfa for co-op farmers.  The planting, growing, harvesting, and keeping this farm must be a never-ending job.




During the Winter months around here, it’s always cold and sometimes snowy.  Last week we had gotten a heck of a snow storm that dropped more than 2 feet of snow in my area.  The storm shut down a whole lot of business, electric was lost at places, made a mess of roads & traffic for 1 or 2 day’s until they got all the roads cleared.  Here in PA we are sort of used to getting a heavy snow during the Winter.  If we don’t get at least 1 bad snow storm a year, everyone is wondering why or just when it will come.

A few day’s ago we had some exceptional weather that is so nice to get.  After that nasty Winter Storm, the weather started turning much warmer for some reason.  It gave all of us a chance to clear some more snow away, and also get “out there” a bit to enjoy the outdoors.  If I remember right, the tempeture climbed up into the low 60’s!  Thus, melting much of the snow that had been laying around.  It also gave me a chance to go “out there” and take my Nikon gear for a walk.


Taken at one of my places that I frequent often during the year at Grings Mill & Recreation Center, the sun was starting to go down behind the pine trees.


Not to blow my own horn, but I think this shot is one of my better ones.  It’s of the old Gring Mill that was built in 1832, but now used to store equipment for the Park Service.  I caught the reflection just right on the old holding pond that once was used for holding Canal Barges before they went down the old Schyukill Canal.


Ok, this is the last one.  Looking down onto the old Canal Towpath.  The walking path was not cleared for people & bicycles of all the snow for good reason.  It would take the Park Service way to long to do this.  The Towpath is on the right of this Image with the Schuylkill River next to it.  The old Schuylkill Canal used to run to the left in the Image.  This is why the Towpath is there.  The House in the background sit’s right on top of where the Canal used to be.

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