“Out there” yesterday crusin’ the back country roads around my area, I happen to come across this old farm house that must have been here to awhile.  I thought that it was “interesting”, so I started walking around with the camera.  Since there were no “Private Property” Signs anywhere to be seen, I didn’t worry about being caught doing something that might get me shot at or thrown off the property.

You really can’t see this, but it’s a nice looking ole’ home despite the condition that it’s in.  What interested me was the stone work and the layout of the home.  It has/had a nice front porch and plenty of windows.  I wanted to go “snoop around” inside, but thought it would not be a good idea at the time.  You don’t know what/who is in there.  At one time in it’s past, this was probably a nice stone home and worth some tidy some of money.  What also got me is why is this home like this?  What happened here that it has gone to waste?  Who lived here?  Where are they now?  A number of questions that I’d like answered, but probably never will.  If someone that had enough money to restore this, it would be a great home to have.


About 100 yds. off to the left of the house stands this shell of a barn that I assume goes along with the house.  It sorta looks like there was a structure fire here and it burned to the ground leaving just the walls/framework.  Did the roof just cave in from neglect?  What was this used for and when?  I just don’t know.  It has lot’s of land in front of it, as you can see.  Was this barn the cause of the house to be abandoned?  Was it too much for the people that once lived here?  These questions will probably go un-answered.

Images taken by my Nikon Coolpix P600.

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Got some time yesterday to get out with my camera and walk around a bit.  Even though it was cold and a bit windy, all I could come up with is this shot of a lonely bird house that seems to have seen some better day’s.  It’s been here for a long time, and I don’t even know if it get’s used during the Spring & Summer months.  It’s not taken care of, that I could see.  It will just fall apart sooner or later.



Well, I hope that all of you out there have had a very filling and enjoyable Thanksgiving.  I sure did.  I always eat to much!

So, this is a re-post on the old building that I shot in the Coal Mining town of Shenandoah, PA.  I really did not like the other Image of it, so I’ve edited the photo to make it look better.  What I did was take out allot the the darn wires that I dislike in my photo’s.  I also took out the distracting telephone pole that was on the left corner.  I took out some of the weeds left growing around the building.  This one I like better.

This old building has been here for a long time.  It has a weathered look to it.  I never could find out what it was or used for.  In my opinion it might have been a ice storage place or something close.  A factory that produced something years ago and employed many people.  Wish I could have gained access to the inside to see what’s in there.  Just to find out what it was.  There are many buildings in Shenandoah that are like this.  It’s a old Coal Mining town, so much of what used to be is no more since Coal is no longer King.




Back in the middle 50’s when I was just a young boy, I can remember my Mother taking me to this movie theater to see a movie once in a while.  It was a real nice theater back in those day’s with a well decorated lobby, with fancy lights and ornaments that made it a quality theater to go into.  It had red carpets all thru the flooring and also had quite a number of brass ornaments.  There were also 2 other nice Movie Theaters here in Reading.  I can only remember the Strand Theater that was located just down the street from the Astor pictured here.  The Strand was just as nice and depending on what was playing back then, I was taken into that one also.

That was back in the 50’s and part of the 60’s.  With more and more business leaving the City and moving into the Urban Shopping Malls, attendance declined in all the movie theaters, thus creating their down-fall.  The Astor closed it’s doors sometime in the 80’s, as well as the 2 others.  More and more movies were being played in the urban movie theaters, plus the Drive-In Theaters.  No one wanted to go into the City much anymore.

Over the years that passed, the theater started falling apart as pictured above.  It was just left to history.  Such a great movie place was headed into disrepair with no one caring what happened.

Now, more than 50 yrs. passed, the old Theater is no longer there.  It was falling apart so bad that parts of it fell into the sidewalk.  The once lighted colorful sign was taken apart and placed into a holding area somewhere in the City.  This was done to keep the memory of the ole’ Astor Theater alive for future generations.  Eventually, the whole block was torn down to make room for a brand new Sports Arena where top bands, concerts, and ice hockey are played.  I’ve been in the new complex and it’s very nice.  Went to see Barry Manilow in concert and a hockey game.

With most of the City in decline for many years, I don’t venture in there very much.  It has become full of crime, drugs, and robbery’s that was never there years ago.  The City of Reading, PA has gone down-hill so bad.  When the weather turns warmer, I’m going to go shoot what the Historic area’s in the City look like.  Thank goodness this has not gone all that bad, with it’s very stately old homes that were built back in the early 1900’s.  They still stand to this day.

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For this Post on History around my area, I thought I’d do something different.  I found a aerial picture of the place that I went to yesterday.  Thought that I’d show you in Red where I went walking around with numbers to show where I took the Images.


Stop No. 1 shows the famous Mt. Penn Fire Tower.  It has been here for as long as I can remember.  The Fire Tower was built in 1939 and stands 120 ft. tall.  It’s 1,239 ft. above sea level.  The Tower has a winding staircase that is inside and is open to the public on certain day’s of the week.  The winding staircase is not a lot of fun to climb.  However, if you do you can get a very good view of the City from on top of the tower.  It was closed when I was here.  The trees are starting to change into their Fall color before Winter.


Here is the Tower looking from a different angle.


Stop #2.  I stood on top of a flat cement structure to take this Image of where the Highland House used to be located.  Only the retaining wall exists anymore.  Nothing here but a empty area.


This is what used to occupy the empty space that I showed above.  The Highland House or Hotel as it was called.  The Highland Hotel was built in 1884 and had 118 rooms for guests to stay in.  It was destroyed by a huge fire in 1930.  It was never rebuilt.  Guests from the Gravity Railroad that ran behind the Hotel stayed here, which I show you next.


Stop #3.  This Image shows what remains of the Gravity Railroad that ran behind the Hotel.  At one time there were tracks here that Trolley cars ran up and down the Mountain.  The old retaining Wall is still here off to the right of this image.  If you really never knew what used to be here, it looks like a long lane.  The Gravity Railroad ceased to exist in 1932.


Stop #4.  Here is the old stairway that led up to the Highland Hotel from the Gravity Railroad.  I’m surprised that the stairway has lasted for so long.  Of course, I climbed these steps just to see what was here.

Well, I hope that you enjoyed my “walk about” that you can see in Red on the Image in the beginning of this Post.  This is pretty much of what I do all the time when I go “out there” with my Nikon.

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Hello there, everyone!  I’m still here, but just have not made many Posts for awhile.  I’m pickey on what I post about.  Anyway .  .  . 

This is a Image of the “above ground” Pool that belonged to our neighbor right next door to us.  They had bought this Pool about 2 yrs. ago and used it for just a little while during the Summer 2 yrs. ago.  The only big problem here is that no one is here.  The Pool has been abandoned!  Along with the Home and property that it sits on.  The younger couple that lived here just up and left the property and moved into a apartment.  Darn.  That’s not a good thing to do.

The house right to the left, but out of the Image, is not bad looking.  It needs some work, but otherwise in good shape.  It’s a 2-story home and was built around 1977.  From what I hear is that they borrowed more money from the bank than what the house & property are worth!  A stupid move on their part.  One thing you should never do is put yourself in debt for more than what your worth.

For 2 yrs. now this has stood here with no one here.  It’s for Sale, but there have been no buyers that I know of.  It just sit’s here waiting for someone to buy it.  The Pool Filter does not work at all and it’s full of leaves.  If someone doesen’t purchase this property, it’s going to fall into disrepair.  This is not good either.  Buy not keeping the property in good shape, it’s going to decrease the value of my Home and others around it.  That will make me angry!  I hope that someone buy’s this Home soon.

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