This is the Park plaque that was built for the Yarnall Trail. It tells that this place is 95.5 miles up the Schuylkill River Trail.

Over the past few days I have been snooping around my area to see all the many different bike trails that are available for us to use. There are so many of them. The one that is the biggest is the Schuylkill River Trail that runs from Pottsville, PA all the way down into Philadelphia. You can ride this trail from beginning to end. It will take some days to do that! I could never do a bike ride that far, but it’s nice to ride some of the different parts of it.

This is just a small part of the Trail that extends onto Philadelphia.

This real nice & very well kept trail is located just outside the town of Birdsboro, PA. Named the Meadows Trail, it is quite flat for people like me that can’t do hills very well yet. You meet lots of nice people on a bike trail.

Bicycle Bridge

The NEW bicycle bridge that spans over RT724 is now complete and ready to ride. I rode over this exact bridge and it is very nice and well built. It took about 1 yr. to complete. Thanks so much to all that were involved in this construction.

History Plaque

This historic plaque tells of what the ole’ Schuylkill Canal used to be long ago. The Schuylkill River Trail follows the ole’ canal where you can see what remains of it after more than 200yrs. Just in front of this sign is part of the ole’ Canal. It’s full of “skeeters.” I left the area right away! Did not have any bug repellent with me!

A 200 yr. old Canal

After the remnants of Hurricane Idea came in, it filled the old Canal with water. This will drain away and leave nothing but bugs & mud that you don’t want to step in. Snakes may be here also, even though I never saw any.

Thank you for stopping by.


Published by Les

I am 73 yrs. young and now retired. I worked in the Machinist Trade for 24 yrs. Served in the US Navy with a Tour of Duty in Vietnam. Being retired I do enjoy playing Golf, Photography with my Nikon and Pentax Camera's, snooping around in Historic and Abandoned places, using my Scroll Saw, Reading, Travel, and what-ever else will interest me at the time. Come with me and see where I go, where I have been, and my Life surviving Retirement.

2 thoughts on “RIDING THE TRAILS

  1. We have lots of trails in my immediate area as well. We still travel (and sometimes stay overnight or longer) to bicycle on trails. That trail you rode looks very nice!

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