3 thoughts on “THIS IS HALLOWED GROUND!”

  1. Les, have you ever visited the battlefield at night? Just wondering.
    Not long ago I was reviewing some pictures of an ancient limestone cave in Sicily. It was actually a limestone quarry. I noticed “orbs” in one of the photos, but not in the photo taken moments before, nor in one taken moments after. Just sayin’

    1. No, MK, I have not done that. Even though I’ve been here 4 times, I’ve never driven thru the Park at night time. The Gates close at 10 p.m. However, I have taken a Ghost Tour that is offered in the Town at night. It was very interesting to hear what the Guide told us. I think that I had made a Post on that before. Gettysburg has had so many, many documentary’s about how haunted it really is. I myself have never seen anything . If you so desire, type in your Browser “Ghosts of Gettysburg” and you’ll see all kinds of strange things.

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