2 thoughts on “THINKING”

  1. I used to follow a photography blog from a man in Russia. He is quite a good photographer, and the scenes are so unlike anything in the US. I actually traveled to what used to be called the Soviet Union. My trip was shortly after the Chernobyl disaster. I have many photographs from that journey (I’ve been meaning to post them), and they are dramatically different from that of the current Russia. At that time it was of course a Communist country, and it was striking to notice the complete absence of any form of advertising. It was also quite dire in feeling. That is NOT the Russia of today, for sure.

    You can find many WordPress blogs by entering this search in Google or DuckDuckGo: russia photography
    Enter exactly as I have given above.

    Here is one that might interest you:

    I am about the same age as you, and I too remember the Cuban Missile Crisis. Hiding under our flimsy wooden desks, as if that would do anything to save us! I read a fascinating book about this time, and about the behind-the-scenes work to keep us from WWIII. It is called “JFK And The Unspeakable”. Well worth a read.

    1. Thank you for the Link you have supplied. I did go into that site and followed. It’s interesting to see what Russia is now. I’ll keep following it and see what’s going on. Be Well ~ Les

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