1. I am sure that kind od visit bring a lot of emotions and memories up to the surface. I know in my case it would and it wouldn t be easy for sure. But it is nice that there was some progress if anything than in buildings.
    But the last part about 50 years in army and seeing the world intrigues me, it would be nice if you could write something about it, places you saw, different cultures and of course interesting photos! Well, that is only me talking my thinking out loud :).

    1. Hello there, Sapy1. Thank you for your comment. It has been very much appreciated.

      Yes, visiting my ole’ HS after so many years have passed did bring a whole lot of memories for me. The ole’ place still stands to this day, just about like it did back then. There were some changes, but it all is much the same as it was. The classrooms are now offices for Administration and can be hardly recognized anymore. I just knew where they were. The “smell” of the building is still there. It seems to have never left. I had a few other shots, but they were lost in my computer transfer.

      Yes, the Navy did give me another big memory. I spent 11 yrs. in it. I grew up real fast. Being the Vietnam War was going on, that I had no idea about, I learned real fast. Places that I’ve been were all over the Pacific from Pearl Harbor, Hawaii to Australia. I found out that it’s a big wide world out there. I did make a Post on my blog about my Navy day’s. It’s titled US Navy. Be well ~ Les

  2. When I was in high school (same time you were), the girls weren’t allowed to wear slacks or jeans on subzero weather days, but had to wear dresses. That was the miniskirt era (hurray!), but in my school, girls were made to kneel on the ground, and their hems had to touch the ground. Two boys in the class ahead of me combed their hair forward (“bangs”!) and got sent home for their “Beatle haircuts”. After university and the army (in Germany), I came back to my hometown, and was shocked to see school kids (boys) wearing beards (those lucky enough to be able to grow them! ha!) or shoulder length hair, torn jeans, and the girls were dressed in anything but dresses. What a difference 10 years and an unpopular war made. American kids took crap off of no one, it seemed, and made their own rules.

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