3 thoughts on “IR PHOTOGRAPHY”

  1. I too shoot with a K10D, but have not played with infrared. What if you converted this image to a b/w. That would give you more to work with in terms of post processing tweaks and I think you would like it.

    1. To comment on your suggestion, I have tried that but the outcome just does not come out the same or as good as reversing the color for an IR photograph. I had called Pentax and asked them about how good the Pentax K10D is for shooting IR. Their response was that it was never tested for that type of photography. I’m sure that it will do it, but I just can’t seem to get the settings just right. I was also told to use the software program called Lightroom CS6. Don’t think so. Very expensive to purchase. $600.00 or more! What I use now is Paintshop PRO X7.

      1. I think I could make your infrared rock in B/W. If you wanted me to try, let me know at and include the image as seen on your blog.

        You and I were in the Navy at the same time. I served from 68-72.

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